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Our Characteristics

We integrate theories on life-and-death education, grief counseling, healthcare consultation, and suicide prevention and have developed a series of research projects concerning professional practical intervention methods and patterns. We aim to design a series of models for life-and-death education and grief counseling that we can promote and apply in both academia and industry.
We have the world’s first Grief Healing Garden, a garden designed to aid in the grief healing process. We have also established a Grief Counseling Center where our faculty and students work together to provide the community with grief counseling services or practice grief counseling skills in our Professional Grief Counseling Classroom. Moreover, we are continually working together with the counseling industry to develop and promote effective educational and counseling strategies.
We have established exchange programs with renowned universities and organizations abroad such as the ADEC (Association for Death Education & Counseling) and the AAS (American Association of Suicidology) and conduct exchanges on a regular basis. We also send our faculty and students abroad to take part in events held by international organizations in the profession or related community service activities to enhance their teamwork skills and their experience by serving different communities in order to strengthen their global perspectives and develop compassion towards others.

Educational Objectives

As societies around the world undergo rapid transitions, the need to learn how to cope with bereavement and grief has intensified. This has indicated the need for the establishment of related healthcare systems and organizations that are committed to developing counseling skills and responding to this need. The goal of the Institute of Life and Death Education & Counseling is to develop professionals specializing in bereavement and grief counseling. Therefore, our educational objectives include:
Cultivating practitioners specialized in life-and-death education and grief counseling.

Conducting research related to practical applications of life-and-death education and grief counseling.

Providing continuing education opportunities to and accepting enquiries from practitioners in the field of life-and-death education and grief counseling.
Promoting the awareness of life and death issues among the general public.
Enhancing the professionalism of life-and-death education and grief counseling in Taiwan to meet international standards.

Curriculum Design

At present, the Institute is divided into two sections: the Section of Life-and-death Education (renamed as the Section of Life-and-death Studies in 2009) and the Section of Counseling Psychology. The curriculum’s focus is Life-and-death education and grief counseling in order to cultivate students’ core skills in the profession. We also train students in other sub-fields such as life education, death education, grief counseling, healthcare consultation and suicide prevention. If students complete the Counseling Psychology Program (21 credits), they are eligible to take the certification exam for counseling psychology in Taiwan, which improves potential career opportunities in the grief counseling profession.

Faculty & Facilities

    Our four full-time teachers have helped the Institute to develop in four directions according to their own academic specializations. Professor Zeng Huan-tang teaches “Death & Funeral Education,” Professor Lin Qi-yun teaches “Suicide Prevention,” associate professor Li Yu-chan teaches “Healthcare Consultation & Grief Counseling,” and assistant professor Wu Shu-shen teaches “Life-and-death Education.” We also have 25 industry experts and academicians who work in our institute as adjunct professors to assist in the development of our academic specializations and curriculum design.

    To respond to the need for internship courses in counseling psychology, we have set up the Grief Counseling Center at our Professional Grief Counseling Classroom where we have a counseling room, group counseling room, family therapy room, and observation room as well as the Grief Healing Garden where people can use the Self Care Area, Interaction Area and Reconciliation Area, Zen Room (for group counseling), and other professional training facilities.

Development Priorities

Professionalization: enhancing and implementing professional practical applications and research of life-and-death education and grief counseling.
Organization: collaborating with a variety of professional organizations in the field and in the community to provide grief counseling services.
Localization: developing tools and media associated with life-and-death education and grief counseling that are tailored to cater to local cultures and develop an educational and counseling network for the Greater China area.

Internationalization: enhancing the quality of life-and-death education and grief counseling services in Taiwan and building a world-class reputation.

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